Workshop for students „Online Marketing“

Radionica za studente „Online marketing“
април 13, 2016
Preduzetnička akademija BUSINESS STARTer
април 14, 2016

Workshop for students „Online Marketing“

A workshop „Online marketing – lead generation for entrepreneurs“ will be held on 27 April 2016 with the beginning at 5.00 pm in Room 6. The workshop will be held by Mr. Ivica Penić, expert from Zagreb with many years of experience in this field.

At the workshop students will be able to familiarize themselves with the basics of content marketing, creating and running a blog, how to use social networks for the improvement of what you do, whether you are a freelancer, company or an entrepreneur, how to carry out search and how to attract potential buyers, how to do profiling by using Facebook, and how to use communication channels in the right way. The entire program of the online Academy of the New man`s Business Accelerator from Skopje will also be presented. One-day workshop program in Banja Luka was preceded by workshops held in Skopje and Zagreb, where the students showed great interest in the field of online marketing and what they had the opportunity to hear and learn.

Ivica Penić is a business skills coach, consultant in the field of sales with more than 17 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing. He finished his graduate and post-graduate studies at the University of Zagreb. He is a founder of the Mariviam Success Academy in Zagreb and author of the IPS sales system specialized for entrepreneurs and those who are in the sales business. He is the author of several education and training programs for sales, marketing and personal development as well as of the First Online Business Academy in Croatia. From September 2014, he has been holding the position of the Manager for regional business development in the New Man’s Business Accelerator in Skopje (

Seats are limited and participation in the workshop for students and all those interested is free.

The workshop is an introductory activity for the Career Festival 2016, organized by the Center for Career Development, which is organizing it in Banja Luka for the sixth consecutive year and it will be held at the Youth Center on 28 April 2016. To learn more about the Career Festival follow the career portal

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